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Food Tips

Food Menu Ideas
Low Fat Cooking Tips
General Food Tips

Food Menu Ideas

Open faced Colorful little finger sandwiches
You need bread, whipped cream cheese, and food coloring. Cut off the crust of the bread. Divide up the cream cheese in small bowls. Mix with the food coloring. Spread on the bread. Cut some in squares and the some in triangles. 

Crescent Wrapped Hot Dogs 
You need mini hot dogs or regular hot dogs cut in thirds and uncooked crescents in the can in the refrigerator section. Cut crescent in half making each triangle into two. Wrap crescent around the hotdog. Follow baking direction on crescent package. Serve with green ketchup and mustard!

Bloody Hand Punch
Fill a powerless rubber glove with cherry Kool aid. Tie and freeze. At
party time, cut and peel the glove off and drop into lemonade, The red will drip into the yellow and swirl when a drink is served.

Worm Sandwiches
Instead of serving regular hot dogs on buns at our Halloween bash I slice them length wise then boil them and the serve the "worms" on hamburger buns.

Low Fat Cooking Tips

Steaming, broiling, boiling, and baking are healthier choices than frying.
Use a rack to drain off the fat when broiling roasting or baking.  Instead of basting with drippings, keep meat moist with wine, fruit juices or an acceptable oil-based marinade.
Cook a day ahead of time.  Stews, boiled meat, soup stock or other dishes in which fat cooks into the liquid can be refrigerated, then the harden fat can be removed from the top.
Make gravies after the fat has harden and can be removed from the liquid.
When a recipe calls for browning the meat first, try browning it under the broiler instead of in a pan.
Use wine or broth to saut� foods.
Microwaving is another quick and easy way to prepare food without adding fat.
Trim all cuts of meat well before cooking.
Removing the skin from chicken can take away half the fat calories.
When cooking ground meat, pour off the excess fat after browning.  It is a good idea to drain the fat away when roasting meats also.
You can get rid of the fat on broth by chilling it until the rat solidifies and can be spooned off.
Use nonstick cookware or a little nonstick vegetable oil cooking spray.
If you can, modify your favorite recipes.  Replace whole milk with skim in baked goods.  In many recipes, you can substitute two egg whites for one fatty egg yolk.
Try seasoning vegetables with herbs and spices.  Try mint on peas, or nutmeg on carrots.
Choose no-oil or low-fat salad dressings or experiment with flavored vinegars.
Try baked potatoes topped with nonfat yogurt.  Be adventurous with potato toppings.
Instead of butter, sprinkling parsley and chives just before serving enhance the flavor of many vegetables.
Replace animal fats with appropriate substitutes.
Serve moderate portions.

General Food Tips

Thaw seafood, meat or poultry in refrigerator or use the defrost setting of your micro wave.  Never thaw these foods at room temperature because it will promote the growth of bacteria on the outside of the product even if the food remains frozen inside.
If you can't find Italian-style stewed tomatoes, use the standard stewed tomatoes or plum tomatoes.
Taste your paprika.  If it has been on the shelf for a while and has lost its flavor, replace it with a new can.
For extra-special brownies without the extra effort of frosting, cover the brownies with pieces of thin chocolate candy bars during the last minute of baking time.  Allow the chocolate to soften, then remove from the oven and evenly spread the chocolate over the brownies.

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