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Entertaining with Brain Power

Entertaining with Brain Power

Amazing decorations with fancy foods are not necessarily the key to having a successful event and being the top notch hostess or host!

As a matter of fact, the menu, drinks and location have very little to do with it.  Success in the entertainment stakes is largely an intellectual exercise.

Whether the celebration is a small luncheon among friends for a baby shower, a springtime flowering brunch for a birthday party or an major event like a engagement party - the final outcome is entirely dependent on your state of mind.

Bringing a negative attitude to the table sort of speak will bring it to the surroundings.  If you expect to be hassled, you will be. If you dread the thought of what you have let yourself in for - watch out. You need to get right back to basics and take another look at exactly what entertainment involves.

Occasionally one feels they must entertain.  It's their turn to have that family holiday event.  I don't believe anyone decides to entertain because they wish to suffer. Sometimes it is something one has to do - rather than something one specifically chooses - but in any event, it will be a completely pointless exercise if you have no intention of either being entertaining or being entertained.

Try to be inspired by a poem, a song, or even the thesaurus. You will discover that no matter how minor, you are sharing in a celebration, an excuse for happiness and feasting, in warm company.
You will probably be surprised to see the number of words devoted to this popular pastime, and none of them suggest you are embarking on a test, skillfully designed to humiliate you and see you fail.  Remember that YOU power YOUR brain.  You control it, so enjoy yourself! 

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