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Childrens Parties: Birthday and Theme

Here are childrens birthday party ideas for characters:
The 1st Birthday is a special time for the parents to celebrate.  The first child tends to get the largest first birthday party.  Friends and relatives with kids are all ages tend to be invited.  Characters or the number one normally is a featured party theme.

Later in life at the age of 13, a Jewish boy has a Bar Mitzvah and at the age of 12 a Jewish girl has a Bat Mitzvah.  Over the years, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvah has become huge events with parents topping each other in the party decorations, party favors and the amount of money spent on the event.  Some Bar Mitzvahs (Bat Mitzvah) are as big or bigger then a wedding.  Many parties budget is more or the same as what is spent on a wedding. La Quinceanera also known as Mis Quince is a celebration for a girl turning 15 in mainly Hispanic communities.  A Sweet 16 party is a special age that is often celebrated in a more formal atmosphere.  The sweet 16 party is a ball like event mainly done in America for the girls.

As people get older the 25th Birthday 30th Birthday 40th Birthday 50th Birthday 60th Birthday 75th Birthday and 100th Birthday are common milestone's in ones life to have a birthday party with friends and family. A casino party theme is fun for adults.  An Over the Hill or Adult theme party is is a fun way to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Both kids and adults love Animal theme parties with lots of zoo animals, safari animals and animal prints.  Pirate parties with treasure chests and scavenger hunts. Nascar Racing is even great for dad's day.  Or simply have a Surprise Party.

As the kiddies become toddlers and fans of television shows they have opinions on the party theme for their birthday party.  Popular kids birthday party themes Barney the big lovable dinosaur, Rolie Polie Olie, Sesame Street with his cast of friends including ElmoWinnie the Pooh with his pal Tigger too!  Wiggles party music and Care Bears are cute and cuddle.

Timeless classics are Tweety is cute sweet little yellow bird, Barbie the classic all time favorite, Disney Gang a group of the Disney characters including Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Mickey mouse and Mini mouse and Disney Princess a group of Disneys' princesses Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Snow White.  Little league sports parties Football both pee wee and flag football.  And, Baseball with the teams colors and Take Me Out to the Ball Game as the party music. 

Educational characters like Blues Clues television dog character.  The children are given clues to figure out learning type educational material.   Cat in the Hat (movie and book character) is an old time class favorite.  It's one of the most popular children books written.  Big stovetop hats are a fun party favor with the children can wear throughout the birthday party.  Dora the Explorer is another educational character teaching the children spanish.  She is fun with the little ones and they don't even realize that they are learning!

Superheroes Powerpuff Girls are fun for girls of all ages.  These three super powered girls keep the town honor and clean of all crimes.  The Justice League is a group of popular superheroes which includes Superman (comics, television and movies) and Batman are an exciting group of crime fighters along with Spiderman and the green huge man who becomes the Incredible Hulk.

New movie character parties Shark Tales or Finding Nemo for a beach or pool party.  The Incredibles, Hulk and Harry Potter became popular through the movies.  Harry Potter is now a series of books and movies remaining very high on the popularity with both children and adults.

Girly type parties Princess, Fairy Princess, Lizzie McGuire the cool but nerdy pre-teen, Bratz the hip fashion queen dolls, Hello Kitty a big favorite cat in Japan with pink colors and  Strawberry Shortcake the cute red little girl. 

EVERYONE loves Fairly Odd Parents a silly cartoon and Scooby Doo the lovable dog who's afraid of ghosts. Also, what parent doesn't know the theme song to Spongebob?

Popular party themes for the boys are American Hero camouflage colors with airplanes, ships or tankers.  Construction zone both in yellow and pink for the girls.  Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards, movies and cartoons and Bob the Builder a construction type theme.

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