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Birthstone Meaning Flower

Every month has an assigned birthstone, flower and meaning.  Use this information for ideas on gifts. If you're looking to give a different birthday gift silver jewelry or chandelier earrings would be the ideal present.

Birthstone Meaning Flower
Birth Month Birthstone Flower Meaning
January Garnet Carnation Fascination
February Amethyst Violet Virtue
March Aquamarine Daffodil New Beginnings
April Diamond Daisy Innocence
May Emerald Lily-of-the-Valley Complete Life
June Pearl Rose Love
July Ruby Delphinium Open Heart
August Peridot Gladiolus Remembrance
September Sapphire Aster Love
October Opal Calendula Grace
November Topaz Chrysanthemum Friendship
December Turquoise Poinsettia Celebration


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